Paying for your eBay purchases couldn't be easier than PayPal

Most sellers on eBay prefer accepting their payment through PayPal. But why?

That's a very good question. Several years ago Paypal was started to make online payments safe and easy, because "members" would be verified prior to being able to make payments. By 2002 PayPal had become the payment method of choice by more than fifty percent of eBay users, so in October 2002 PayPal was purchased by eBay for $1.5 billion!

When you sign-up with PayPal you will be asked to fill-out a form that's almost identical to the sign-up at eBay. Make sure that you select a different ID and password that the one that you used for eBay, just in case. Follow the same advice as in our earlier eBay blog entry and you'll be just fine.

Now that you have your account set-up the next thing is to make certain that the items that you are bidding on accept PayPal. Usually you will find a PayPal reference near the top of the listing on the right, but if you can;t find it there look near the bottom of the listing and you'll find something called "Payment details". If the seller accepts PayPal it will be listed here.

By the way; just because the listing doesn't mention that the seller accepts PayPal doesn't mean that they don't. I've made a couple great deals because buyers were turned-off from bidding because the listing didn't mention that they took PayPal, yet when I emailed the seller using eBay's message service they mentioned that they would be happy to accept PayPal. Just make sure you ask BEFORE you bid!

Click this link to Set-up a new Paypal account